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Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes
"A Super Duty Line"


At Cattleac Cattle Equipment we have more than 30 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes and Working Facilities for Feedlots and Cattle Producers.

Our Chutes and Facilities are designed and built with only quality materials and workmanship. They are built to withstand high usage demanded by feedlots and cattle producers alike.

Each Cattleac Chute is made of 3" x 3/16" square tubing for the frame, heavy wall pipe for the gates and fold-down bars. 12 gauge sheet metal for gates and 10 gauge for sides and drop doors. A 2" cold rolled solid shaft for the top center squeeze with pillow block bearings. For the floor a 1/4" plate with 1" rebar kleets. All linkages have heavy wall steel bushing in which the wall thickness is equal to half the size of the fitting bolt. Gates and bushings have grease zerts. The power unit consists of a 3HP industrial fan cooled motor with a V-10 vane pump. Together the two produce very little noise.

Our Facilities like our chutes are built with the same heavy material needed for strength and lasting durability. Our facilities can be built from a standard layout or we can customize a layout to fit your needs.

Customizing with Experience & Quality "A Super Duty Line"
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